IMS Noida

We relate a deep understanding of People, Process and Technology.

Our aim is to inspire experimental, susceptible and sensitive information technology.

Delivering real life examples of how people have overcome IT barriers with very simple solutions, to make a real difference to your life at home and work. Operating various computer labs (Software Lab, Hardware Lab, MATLAB) to provide value addition to IT.

We are producing the Powerhouses (trained people) who will be able to handle the ‘Big Five’ IT trends of the next decade: Mobile, Social, Cloud, Consumerization and Big Data.

What We Are Doing Differently (step forward)
School of IT has identified some initiatives in curriculum which will demonstrate Striving for Next in each of the areas:

  • Research initiative.
  • Focus on practical knowledge through host of seminars in IT and deputing faculty at various FDPs and conferences in various   universities and institutes.
  • Emphasis on team, field and project based learning.
  • Personality development and grooming of students.
  • Teaching methods to encourage active student engagement.

You Must Make a Change to see a Change

At IMS we effortlessly create bonding of the students with faculty and seniors from day one!
Induction Program at IMS, Noida: School of with an excursion wherein student-faculty relationship effortlessly take off. It is an envisioning exercise for the team, which future leads to an introspective values exploration. We at of IT help students to enter their new world with many memories to cherish thereafter.

What Services we provide:
We don’t believe in the theory of 100% classroom oriented studies. Emphasis is repetitively given to diverse methodologies of imparting knowledge, making it more interesting and affable to students.

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