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A musical journey into find new love, It all happened over emoticons when two people met each other shared their emotions, life and love over just slips and emoticons.

A take on today’s age of digital love.


“KAANDI” is the life of four young boys who search out in their endeavor to find the answers to their questions.

Each character depicts one kind of youth in our society. It is a journey of how they meet and together form a strong inseparable bond, they try all activities that a youth today does, it is also a musical journey of these four differently aged youth into a life changing situation after getting their answer.

The Story of Uttarakhand

The story is of the people around the affected areas of Kedarnath & Badrinath Dham. How they lived before and after of the mishap, how they saw their near ones succumb to death, how once a happy pilgrimage turned into the most sad destination & how the holy sacred river ganga turned red. A journey when belief & trust became mistrust.

When Life goes for a Toss

The students of SJMC IMS Noida are pretty creative and have taken up an initiative to create a short movie. This project titled as ” Shatranj ” breaks all stereotypes which you may have come across when watching short movies. This movie is accompanied by a spectacular range of self composed music adjacent to the theme of the movie. The specialty of this story is that through its presentation of the situations that students frequently come across, the audience will entertained by the performance and will realise how superficial these petty social tasks and conventions are.

Many individuals simply attempt to encapsulate the story of people who rose up from the depths and became successful, we however show a person who was at a height and why he fell. This project has given the students a platform to showcase their skills and provided them with first hand experience of how things in the professional field work.

Miscellaneous Projects and Assignments
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