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The Laboratories of various schools of IMS Noida are listed below
  • School of Information Technology
  • School of Management Studies
  • School of Journalism & Mass Communication
  • School of Law
Robotics Lab

Artificial Intelligence Lab

Programming Lab

IMS Noida is equipped with state‐of‐art computer lab which consists of more than 210 networked computers. The lab remains open from early morning till late evening, six days a week. We provide extensive global exposure to our students through high speed lease line. Moreover, the campus is equipped with Wi‐Fi system in all areas to facilitate the comfortable use of laptops and other equipment.

Hardware Lab

The IMS Hardware Lab is focused on specific technologies, new hardware knowledge and complete computer specification working. This lab is intended to dramatically enhance an IT student’s complete structural knowledge of available and upcoming hardware offerings in existing markets and to open doors to new markets. This work is usually done in conjunction with a system administrator, faculty in-charge and student committee who will work with an external guide. The overall goal is to learn and grasp new best-in-class technology, both current and future.
After this lab work, students are eligible for CCNA certification & CCNP certification and can work as System Administrators, Network Engineers or can also be an IT entrepreneur. The main aim is to develop students into an IT professional where they can handle hardware projects independently. These projects are comprised of LAB infrastructure handling, AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) of computers for individual, companies or educational institutions.

Web Design Lab

Purpose of the Web Designing Lab is to train students in Web Design, Web Development, Internet Marketing, Mobile Application Development and Graphic Design

FMCG Retail Lab

Star Attraction
Live ownership of a part of a Top
Supermarket’s retail shelf
Top Skills Learnt
Live Shelf Pricing
Live Assortment Mix
Live Marketing ROI
Market Share Forecasting
Digital Marketing
Promotions Optimization

Media Communication Lab

Star Attraction
Live management of Non-Prime slot
program schedules of a Top TV/Radio Channel

Top Skills Learnt
Scheduling Constraints Analysis
Live Program Scheduling
Audience Profiling & Segmentation
Content Profiling & Segmentation
Linear & Non Linear Optimization
Viewership Maximization Program

Banking and Finance Lab

Star Attraction
Live execution of a Hedge Fund
Portfolio running Intra-day & Carry Strategies
Top Skills Learnt
Customer Risk Detection
Market Risk Detection
Live Intra-day Trading
Live Hedge Fund Portfolio Mgmt
Risk & Opportunity Based Pricing

Journalism Lab

Print Media is growing at a fast speed to provide day to day informative and knowledge based inputs to the readers. The Lab has a number of computers with Internet facilities.

In the lab the software which are being used are like Adobe Premier, Adobe After Effect, Photo shop, Image Ready, Flash, Director, 3D Max, Pinnacle Studio 8, Sound Forge, AVID, Final Cut Pro, Quark Express, Coral Draw. The students are able to use this facility widely for developing a laboratory News Paper named ‘Kshitij’. The students learn how to write the news stories, reports, how to edit them and place them suitably on various pages along with photographs in ‘Kshitij.

IMS Kshitij (In-house Publication)• Students contribute news reports, articles, interviews & photographs.
• Some students are part of the Editorial Board

Broadcasting Lab

The students have been provided a news reading room to build up their capabilities in writing Radio and TV news, preparing the news bulletins and getting them recorded for Radio and TV. This gives them an excellent opportunity for becoming effective News Readers in Electronic Media. A world space Radio has been installed so that the students can remain in touch with the events happening around the world.

Audio-Visual Lab

It is a mini Television studio being used to impart practical training and experience in various kinds of Television Program Production. Here students learn the functioning of a TV studio, studio production techniques, studio commands, Lighting & studio camera operation. Students also practice the operations of audio equipment .lighting equipment etc. They also face camera e.g. news reading, anchoring and panel discussions.

Print Media Lab

Students learn the techniques of news paper production e.g. lay-out,use of graphics and bit maps through different latest professional softwares like “Quark Express”, “Adobe Page maker” etc. “Kshitij” a monthly newspaper is also being produced by the students from print media lab.Sufficient number of latest computers are available in the Lab.

Graphics Lab

Newspapers in today’s scenario are completely unimaginable without the use of computer graphics. To keep in pace with the market trends, the graphics lab is fully equipped with latest professional graphic software e.g. Adobe Photo shop, Coral Draw etc. Here students brush up their talent and creativity by practicing these software in the lab.

Photo Lab

In photo lab, students are exposed to the techniques of taking still pictures using Digital & Film camera. They are also taught the art of lighting the subject with various kinds of lighting equipment. Students are sent outdoors to cover various events to improve their photographic skills to match industry requirements.

Moot Court & Mock Trials

With a view to see that the set-up of the actual Court does mock trials not take a new advocate by surprise, the Mock Trial is practiced by the students simulating the actual situation of the Court, so that the situation is not new to them and does not shake their confidence when they graduate and step out.
To impart specific knowledge regarding application of law, students are given opportunity to conduct themselves as advocates for the clients and argue the matter in that particular case.

Computer Lab

IMS Noida is equipped with state‐of‐art computer lab whichconsists of more than 210 networked computers. The librarycomputer lab open from early morning till late evening, six days a week. We provide extensive global exposure to our students through high speed lease line. Moreover, the campus is equipped with Wi‐Fi system in all areas to facilitate the comfortable use of laptops and other equipment.

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