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1 Abhinav Chauhan Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta Himachal Tourism Tourism is the world’s largest industry and one of the objectives of
tourism development is economic gain. This is not a narrow matter of
private sector providers of tourism services making a profit.

In economic terms the travel and tourism industry is able to do three key

1- It gives vigorous to economies.

2 – It offers people jobs and career prospects.

3 – It stimulates development.

2 Aayush Awasthi
3 Anoop Prajapati
4 Abhinav Singh Dr. Archana Sharma Juxtap JUXTAP enable the frequent travelers to initiate an alarm
whenever and wherever it is needed thus improving the quality
of life. The alarm can be viewed, deleted and edited by the
mobile user without any contradiction in data updating. Google
Play services used in the project so that the application can take
advantage of the latest, Google-powered features such as Maps,
Google+ together with automatic platform updates distributed as
an APK through the Google Play store. This makes it faster for the
users to receive updates and easier for the user to integrate the
newest that Google has to offer.
5 Abhay Zadoo
6 Ashcharya Jaiswara
7 Aman Kumar Ms. Kanika Sharma Face Recognization To create a complete project of
Face Recognition, we must work on
3 very distinct phases or modules.
• Face Detection and Data
• Train the Recognizer
• Face Recognition
10 Akshat Lal Dr. Pankaj Agrawal Super Resolution The projects aim at developing a highly cost-effective
technology of image enhancement which could cater the
needs of many industries. The idea has been
successfully tested and prototype has been developed.

It can widely used in many industry such as medical
field, satellite image processing, astrological studies and
video enhancement.

11 Anirudh Singh Tanwar
12 Abhishek Banerjee
13 Abhishek Kumar Chaudhary (R1709191757) Ms. Pooja Juneja Mailing System To prepare new mailing system on PHP which provide all the services provide by any
general mailing services with some extra features such as easy to operate, free
messaging services are objective to make this project at very huge level but we just
learn how to make mailing service system we are able in future to work over this
project easily and provide much better facilities. So here we are showing you dummy
project on mailing services prepared with help of PHP and some other designing
14 Aayush Verma (R1709191742)
15 Abhay Kumar Gupta (R1709191744)
16 Abhishek Sai Tripati Dr. Preeti Bala Mobile Store

The E-Shop web application is intended to provide complete solutions for vendors as well as

customers through a single get way using the internet as the sole medium. It will enable
vendors to make their products online, setup products. Customer is need to browse through
the website and purchase them online without having to visit the shop physically. The

administration module will enable a system administrator to approve and reject requests for
new and old vender’s products and maintain various lists of products category.

This document is meant to delineate the features of e-shop, so as to serve as a guide to the
developers on one hand and a software validation document for the prospective client on the

17 Antriksh Singh Tomar
18 Ankit Sharma
19 Deepanshu Varshney Dr. Preety Khatri Doctor’s Appointment To provide a convenient way of appointment reservation for
patients.To automated report generation.

To computerized the patient’s information review and

20 Deepak Rawat
21 Disha sharma
22 Aditya Bhattacharyya Ms. Purnima Gupta Online DJ It involves visualizing concepts, planning, budgeting, organizing and
executing events such as wedding, musical concerts, corporate party,
exhibitions, birthday celebrations, theme parties, etc.

Online Disc Jockey Management System will be growing rapidly, with
events hosted regularly.

Here user will reach us to book for DJ events and our objective in this
website is to serve the smart management system consisting different and
dynamic logic are implemented from admin end-to-user end. So, that the
site user does not get bored and experience a good impression
overviewing the management system.

23 Bodhisattwa Baidya
24 Ashish Ranjan
25 Abhishek Srivastava  [SOLO] Dr. Rohit Kumar Rashon Bajar Rashan Bazzar aim to solve the deep local discovery and fulfilment problem. With a call based
interface, it allows individuals (in this case students) to create ‘To do lists’ and collaborate
with partners (vendors and driver) to strike off the tasks from the list.
26 Diksha Ms. Shweta Singh Onilne Job Portal The project was designed for the job seekers
for proper choosing a job according to their qualification and knowledge.

A company and organization post the new job that is store in database and according to this
new database an employer and job seeker can search the new jobs.

It provide the candidates, ability to register and login on this site and search their job as per
choice with their own desired location and can manage their own account.

The objective of the application is to develop a system using which job seekers and recruiters
can communicate with each other.

27 Anupriya
28 Himani Bhatt
29 Amar Dixit [SOLO] Dr. Archana Sharma On-Line Shopping This project is an attempt to provide the
advantages of online shopping to
customers of a real shop. It helps buying
the products in the shop anywhere
through internet by using an android
Thus, the customer will get the service
of online shopping and home delivery
from his favorite shop. The main
objective of this application is to make it
interactive and its ease of use
30 Chand Babu Ms.Kanika Sharma Training and Placement Cell Computers and information technology has a major influence on the society and the society is
becoming more and more dependent on technology. Going on is an era of simplifying almost
complicated works using computers. The last few years have witnessed a tremendous increase in
the capabilities and use of computers. Manual processing makes the process slow and other
31 Aryaman Singh
32 Anmol Chaudhary Dr. Pankaj Agrawal E-Commerce This project is a web based shopping system for an existing shop. The project objective is to deliver
the online shopping application into android platform.

Online shopping is the process whereby consumers directly buy goods or services from a seller in
real-time, without an intermediary service, over the Internet. It is a form of electronic commerce.

33 Abhishek Pandey
34 Aman Raj
35 AMIR GHANI Ms. Pooja Juneja Innotech The objective of the “Innotech” is
to keep updating the people with
the latest technology just by
giving a little amount of time to us.
38 ANKUR KUMAR Dr. Preeti Bala Information management Our aim is create a platform where organization having less budget buy a online management system
40 Abhishek Kumar
41 Kashfi Azmi Dr. Ajay kumar Gupta Online Examination Syastem The objective of the project “On Line Entrance Examination”
is to make evaluation and conduction of examination massive
but simple, cost effective and faster.
42 Harsh Agarwal
43 Dinesh Kumar
44 Nitish Kumar Dr. Archana Sharma Resturant Management System One of the main objective of any business is to maximize profit by
increasing and decreasing overheads without compromising customer
satisfaction .
45 Pankaj Yadav
46 Indra Bhushan Kumar
47 Mohd Umar Ms.Kanika Sharma FIRST CHOICE ELECTRONIC AND ELECTRICAL SERVICES The “First Choice Electronics and Electrical Services” has been computed
successfully and was also tested successfully by taking “Test Cases”. It is user friendly , and has
required options, which can be utilized by the user to perform the desired operations.
48 Podal Mohan Rao
49 Neha Mishra
50 Hardik Jain Dr. Pankaj Agrawal Structure Health Monitoring System Monitoring of structures affected by external factors design
Feedback loop to improvefuture based
on experience
Assessment of post-earthquake structural integrity
Decline in construction and growth in maintenance needs
51 Hardik Sharma
52 Murari Kumar
53 Prem Kumar Ms. Pooja Juneja Photo Grapher Networking Website Developing of an application for
the most part takes bunches of time
and needs proficient information on

And afterward as individuals don’t
discover the application they tend to
hold up until someone is developing
one, or they need to go to the web
and ask individuals to actualize their

54 Pavinder Singh
55 Nalin Kumar
56 Mayank Gaur Dr. Preeti Bala GRENTEVENTO Our Project is a software which provides
and every
information of the event
event calendaring, venue scheduling, providing
details of
manager and volunteer. It can be
accessible from any place.
57 Kapil Singh
58 Maxwell Singh
59 Naimish Gupta Dr. Preety Khatri Guide Me Reduce travel expenses Income opportunities Increase tourism- With
60 Kanak Varshney
61 Mahima Issac
62 Nakul Maheshwari Ms. Priti Rajvanshi IMSE learning Portal IMS E-Learning Portal for Every one
63 Nilesh Patil
64 Ravindra Vikram Singh
65 Mayank Sharma Dr. Rohit Kumar Smart Class Training Web System It reduces the efforts and problem over manual approach.
It allows a large no of Students to participate simultaneously with

Students can also share their feedback with Institute.

66 Deepika Sharma
67 Richa Singh
68 Himanshu Nawari Ms. Shweta Singh Career Jobz v A Candidate can create own profile.
v He/she can upload their resumes on this sites.
v They can view various company profile.
v They can easily search many types of job
v They can apply in these companies.
v They can update their profile.
v They will get notification if any job matches found.
69 Manish Shukla
70 Dheraj Pal
71 Dhruv Singh Bohra Dr. Ajay kumar Gupta Social Net Hub The Social net hub is the
biggest social media site around, with more than many people Using it every
month. There are more than peoples using social net hub pages and peoples
advertisers actively promoting their posts on social net hub.
72 Girish Rajender
73 Harsh Goyal
74 Harsh Gupta Dr. Archana Sharma “After Yoga” Afteryoga project is to make a change in the existing
health system and filling the gap by the help of advanced and highly skilled yoga
teacher and studios,
75 Himanshu Nagar
76 Karan Rana
77 Karan Vig Ms.Kanika Sharma Inventory Mnagement System The project has been developed to keep track of detail regarding the
equipments. The current product is a window-based. To provide the basic services related
to the Supply of the equipments to maintain their PRE-SO (Supply Order) and POST-SO
details. The product will take care of all the supply orders.
78 Kumar Abhishek
79 Mohit Bisht
80 Mukul Tyagi Dr. Pankaj Agrawal Online Service Management Systm OSMS is India’s leading chain of multi-brand Electronics and Electrical service workshops
offering wide array of services. We focus on enhancing your uses experience by offering world- class Electronic Appliances maintenance services. Our sole mission is “To provide Electronic
Appliances care services to keep the devices fit and healthy and customers happy and smiling”.
81 Neeraj Papnai
82 Nikhil Anand
83 Nikhil Kumar Ms. Pooja Juneja Railway Enquiry Syatem The main objective of railway enquiry system is to give structural
design to railway system.

The project provides functionality and flexibility to railway system
such that one can operate that system easily and efficiently.

This project also provides a complete set of solution for some
common and specific as of work in the railways.

84 Nisha Kasana
85 Prateek Kuliyal
86 Praveen Kumar Dr. Preeti Bala Online Car Rental The first objective is to reduce cost of the system by centralising all the data which requires less
staff under a more controlled environment.
Secondly, ORAC should reduce the risk of fraud occurring as it uses document upload feature
for verification of license and IC/Passport purposes, making a system complying with Rules and
Regulations of Malaysia.
87 Prince
88 Raghav Sharma
89 Ravi Kumar Sah Dr. Preety Khatri Event Lobby

A Web Application which has following functionalities-
Platform to plan Events.
Explore events near your current location.

Reliable, comfortable with search filters to find the one that suits you best.

Simple to get the pricing and all the answers you need from event venues and professionals.

90 Ravinder Singh
91 Rishabh Vikram Singh
92 Mukut Nanda Ms. Priti Rajvanshi Hand Writing Recognizer WE EXPLORED HOW MACHINE LEARNING ALGORITHMS ARE USED TO
93 Kundan Kumar Singh
94 Priya Sinha Ms. Purnima Gupta Guyd Experience Fullfilment Service GuyD is a trial to the revive the unorganized Tourism Economies across the globe and to allow
the wanderlust to experience places like a local.
95 Debosmit Majumder
96 Ravi Sharma Dr. Rohit Kumar Droid Kart Ecommerce, also known as electronic commerce or
internet commerce, refers to the buying and selling of
goods or services using the internet, and the transfer of
money and data to execute these transactions.
97 Preetesh Rana
98 Pragya Tiwari Ms. Shweta Singh Zombie Survival Game Survive the Zombie apocalypse in this thrilling VR horror shooter! The Z-
virus is real, and the zombie apocalypse is upon us.
99 Nishank
100 Krati Agarwal Dr. Ajay kumar Gupta Athenaeum The term “E-Library” is an online collection of information
that must be managed by admin and made accessible to a
community of users.
101 Kritika Morya
102 Shubham Kumar Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta Gamification of Learning Gamification Of Learning is the concept of including gaming elements in a non gaming
zone for learning purpose to make learning engaging and interactive. Our mission is “to
change the way of learning like never before.”
103 Suraj
104 Tamanna
105 Shrey Upadhyay Dr. Archana Sharma Virtual Reality Game Virtual reality gaming is the application of a
three-dimensional (3-D) artificial environment to
computer games. … Prior to the development of
compact technology, VR gaming used projector rooms or
multiple screens. VR gaming control may involve a
standard keyboard and mouse, game controllers or
motion capture methods.
106 Shubham Kaushik
107 Sonu Kumar
108 Saurav Kumar(20) Ms. Kanika Sharma Hotel management System This Project allows us to perform various functions that a group of different people
need to perform in order to keep a hotel running and in business.
109 Sapna Singh
110 Vishal Kumar Dr. Pankaj Agrawal Online Blogging System A blog is a type of website, usually maintained by an individual with regular
entries of commentary, descriptions of events, interaction, or other material
such as graphics or video. Entries are commonly displayed in
reverse-chronological order.
111 Yashwardhan
112 Udit Narayan Chaubey Ms. Pooja Juneja Complaint Desk The Complaint Desk System application is built to ensure good management and security of
people in IMS NOIDA.
113 Shubham Kumar Pandey
114 Shubham Kumar
115 Sudarshan Dixit Dr. Preeti Bala Tour and Travel Management System Travel and Tourism management system: This is an online project developed using Php and
MySQL. The purpose of this project is to provide the complete information about the
vehicles available for a tour.
116 Yash Gupta
117 Vishal Sawai Dr. Preety Khatri PSY Cam NA
118 Tushar Manral
119 Shubham Jhanjhi
120 Sanchit Jauhari Ms. Priti Rajvanshi Self Driving Car Lane Detection Advanced Driving Assistance Systems (ADAS) require the ability to model the
shape of road lanes and localize the vehicle with respect to the road. Although, the
main reason to build intelligent vehicles is to improve the safety conditions by the
entire or partial automation of driving tasks.
121 Sakshi Pandey
122 Shreya Singh
123 Sagar Pandey Ms. Purnima Gupta Ask UB The proposed ‘Ask ub’ is a system that provide online platform to any organization regarding
Education system for direct communication with their students.
124 Satyam Fauzdar
125 Rituj Mishra Dr. Rohit Kumar College mangement System The main purpose of this project is to illustrate the requirements of the project College Information
Management System and is intended to help any organization to maintain and manage personal data.
126 Saad Shuruddin
127 Sandeep Kumar Rajput
128 Ritik Tyagi Ms. Shweta Singh Movie Ticket Booking System Online movie ticket booking system is basically made for providing the
customers an anytime and anywhere service for booking cinema tickets and
providing information about the movies and their schedule online.
129 Saurabh Rai
130 Shreshth Aggarwal Dr. Ajay kumar Gupta Printbrix This project is a web based shopping system for an existing shop.The project objective is to deliver the online shopping application into android platform.
131 Yogesh Kumar
132 Shibani Mishra Dr. Archana Sharma Online Voting System “ONLINE VOTING SYSTEM” is an online voting technique. It is based on the other online
133 Sonu Singh
134 Sreyansh Sahay
135 Sidharth S Ms.Kanika Sharma Revive Plus The objective of developing the project "REVIVE PLUS" is to bring revolutionary
changes in ambulance service in India.Our web application opens up a possibility for a
patient or a person in need to get quick medical attention in case of an emergency,
he/she would be able to locate and book an ambulance from nearest available
136 Vinit Harsh
137 Sakshi Negi Dr. Pankaj Agrawal Insta Bot Instabot is an extremely easy digital marketing tool which does not need any other
web Driver for the use. Since Growing rate of Social media and users there are
millions of users interacting with each other.
138 Rivansh Srivastava
139 Sahil Ahuja
140 Tarun Bothra Ms. Pooja Juneja Airline Reservation System NA
141 Tarun Sharma
142 Vibhor Kumar
143 Sagar Pankaj Jain Dr. Preeti Bala ChatBot The Project is related to a local search engine which is going in
business sector and which will be hosted on a website
144 Satyam Kumar
145 Shrikant Sharma
146 Ritik Jain Dr. Preety Khatri Movie App It`s a Critic review application, through which you can see the reviews (by our
experts) of every decade movies , TV series , Web series and Live Shows also,
Movies are divided into different genres .
147 Shreyansh Garg
148 Saurabh Mishra
149 Shubhankar Mishra Ms. Priti Rajvanshi SuperMarket Billing System The Project “Super Market
Billing System” deals with
the automation of supermarket.
This software will help
salespersons in managing the
various types of Records
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pertaining to his/her customer.
150 Shweta Singh
151 Saurav Raj
152 Suresh Kumar Ms. Purnima Gupta Banking Management system A Bank is a commercial or state institute that provides financial
services, including issuing money in form on coins, bank notes or
debit cards, receiving deposits of money, lending money and
processing transactions.
153 Surya Pratap Singh
154 Sparsh Gupta
155 Shubham Dubey Dr. Rohit Kumar Car Retal System We aim to become a pioneer in the vehicle rental industry by completely focusing
on customers, our employees, growth, innovation and efficiency.
156 Tanmay Manral
159 Rohit Tandon
160 Anmol Seth Dr. Ajay Kumar Gupta Infomarena One of the main objectives is that it can enhance learning by facilitating comparing ideas,
negotiating and interaction in ways that were previously not feasible or possible. Guided
thinking and questioning structures in online discussions can facilitate interaction and
161 Lavish Khandelwal
162 Tarkesh Pandey
163 Harini Hariharan Dr. Archana Sharma Online Mobile Shop The objective of the project “Online mobile shop” is to develop an e-marketing or online
mobile shopping system for selling of mobile phones.
164 Pulkit Khandelwal
165 Prakhar Khanna
166 Atul Goyal Ms. Kanika Sharma Store Management Store This project aims in providing a user friendly, reliable application for dairy shops as well as it
can be used by grocery shops.
167 Kratish Kapoor
168 Hemant Verma
169 Arnav Chachra Dr. Pankaj Agrawal Virtual Reality Gaming Application Based on Virtual Reality (VR) technology, we
provide a more interesting and convenient way for people to play virtual reality video
game on Google Cardboard.
170 Shivang Jindal
171 Saloni Saxena
172 Avirup Saha Ms. Puja Juneja Accu News ChatBot Chatbot is a software, programmed to interconnect with users through
the internet platform. This software provides answers for all the queries
from the users from anywhere at any time thus it saves their time as well
as energy.
173 Bhibhakar Jha
174 Vishal Behera
175 Suman Biswas Dr. Preety Bala A web forum for video game query(taculia) Video Game Query Blogs
176 Tanya Chauhan
178 Priyanka Sharma
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