IMS Noida

Dec Excellence 2021 

International women’s day

Yoga Day

Beat Corona

Talk The Walk

Online Quiz

Environment Day

Constitutional Values and Human Rights

Web Talk on Environment Impact Assessment

How to Live Through Pandemic

Karo Startup

Webinar on Simulation and Game in the Teaching Learning Process

Doctor on Radio

Alumni Meet

FDP on E -teaching in an E- learning Era

FDP on R- Programming

Impact of Lock down on Migrant Labour

Journalism and Communication theories in the Post Truth Era

Mothers Day

Online International Conference

Role and Responsibilities of Media amid Covid-19

Shrimad Bhagwat Gita & Indian Constitution

Skill Exchange

Workshop on Network Security Concern and Firewall

Design Thinking and Future Ecology

Heal the World

Impact of Digitalization

International Web Lecture

Online class

Online Exam

Role of Mass Media during CoronaVirus Pandemic

Role of Science Communication in Development of Society

Cloud Learning

Google Class Room

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