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Smart Ways to Choose the Best Institute for A PGDM Course?

Here are a few tips on how you can choose the best institute for your preferred PGDM course.

There’s no denying that a PGDM course requires a substantial amount of investment, both in terms of money and time. So, your selection process is naturally the most vital step. And this doesn’t mean choosing the big names and getting in with any random specialisation. The top PGDM courses will offer you a variety of fields on which you can get your degree. Hence, when you are selecting, you must keep both the college and specialisation in mind and then take the first step.

Here are a few tips on how you can choose the best institute for your preferred PGDM course. Many students keep the institute as a priority and often sacrifice their specialisation choice. In reality, it is your subject that you will have to apply to the corporate world and if you do not like what you do, you will hardly survive a year as a manager. So, keep everything that you have heard out of your mind and read on to know how you can strike a balance between the institute and the specialisation.

1: Look into the Faculty Strength of the Department

If you want your PGDM in marketing, look into the faculty profiles of the marketing department. This will help you to narrow down your institution list and choose the best among them. There are times when a particular department in the best college does not perform that well as the same department in some other college. You must enroll into the later as the college name will hardly help you later.

There are a few ways to judge faculty strength. The detailed profile will generally be available on the college website. You can also take to LinkedIn to individually search for the faculties and read more about their expertise. Do keep a lookout for permanent faculties and visiting faculties. The best department in the best college will have a combination of both.

2: Research into the type of companies that come for recruitment

A finance company coming for campus hiring will rarely look for an operation expert. Again, human resource managers can land a job in almost any sector. Similarly, there is a steady rise in the demand for digital marketing professionals and almost all companies will look for PGDMs in the near future. These are factors you should evaluate while selecting an institution. Do good companies come to hire from your department? What are the current scenarios and future prospects?

Colleges generally advertise the companies that come to their colleges to hire. From the list there, you can easily evaluate the sector of firms that visit the most. This will further narrow down your list of potential PGDM institutions and make your choice easier. There is really no point in studying finance from a college where only technical firms visit.

3: Make a list of the average salary offered

The most lucrative thing about a PGDM course is the salary prospects after graduation. Many students do have it as an evaluating factor and with good reason. Return on investment is something you should always consider while choosing the institute that you are about to join. You need to know perfectly how much salary you can expect from the campus recruitment programs and for how long will you be paying the EMI.

There are websites that list the average salary secured by graduating students after their PGDM. If you research well, you will get a year by year break up of each institute. Combine this with the above two factors and filters your options further. Look for the median figures as the mean may not always be the correct figures to judge.

4: Look at the facilities you will get from your department

Most of the workshops and events are organised by the individual departments of the top colleges. While classroom studying is fine, you should consider those management colleges who conduct frequent college events for their PGDM students. They bring in field experts; both national and international, to broaden your education scope and give you an insight into the corporate world.

Again, the college website is the best place to research this. Check out how frequently these events happen and which department conducts the most. Also look into the profiles of the visiting guests to understand the depth to which you can learn from these sessions. Exposure is going to be valuable for your career and the more you have it, the better it is for you.

And you may not have all

You will have to depend on your intuition to select the best. A single college may not tick all the right boxes but you must join one that ticks the most. Keep your specialisation as a priority and evaluate all other points around it. 

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