Virtual Internships: Are they really beneficial for a student?

15 May 2018
Comments Comments Off on Virtual Internships: Are they really beneficial for a student?
15 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on Virtual Internships: Are they really beneficial for a student?

Internships have become an integral part of a degree in the current education system. Companies are more likely to hire candidates who have an internship and relevant work experience than those who have a generic CV. The current education trend revolves around the term internship, which significantly adds to a student’s resume. With the increasing competition in the economy, students have become much more conscious about building their resume strong enough to crack their dream job.


Virtual internships are playing an essential role as they provide relevant experience and training while students are still pursuing their course. The digital progression in the industries has led to the emergence of extensive virtual opportunities wherein organisations are actively hiring interns.


The students are making the most of the offering – But, ever wondered – Are virtual internships really worth your time? How exactly do these online internships benefit your career? Let’s take a look:


  • Flexible Timing: Students undergoing virtual internship enjoy the benefit of working as per their convenience. A student can set his own time to work on the project assigned without missing their regular classes. Also, working flexible hours reduces work pressure and stress, in turn, enhancing creativity.
  • No Geographical Limitations: Often, students may face an issue in commuting to different locations for their internship program. However, a virtual internship provides an advantage to the candidates, as they work from their home. They don’t need to go to an office every day. The work can be performed from anywhere with a laptop and a stable internet connection.
  • Opportunities in Different Fields: The best part about virtual internships is that it gives students an opportunity to work in different fields simultaneously. This allows a student to effectively implement their skills and help them identify their area of interest. Also, the experience attained from working in diverse areas enhances the resume which further leads towards securing your dream job.
  • Increase Knowledge: Virtual Internships are a fantastic way to attain knowledge from industry mentors. The hands-on experience ensures clarity on what areas require improvement and what a student excels in. The internships also, boost up the candidate’s confidence as they are given multiple responsibilities at times.
  • Gateway to Corporate World: The internships provide a taste to the

    working pattern in the corporate world. The experience attained from online projects embeds professionalism within a candidate and helps them in understanding the essentials of a corporate culture. They prepare a candidate to work in a competitive work environment, which helps them in understanding the importance of every single minute.

The above-mentioned points demonstrate the benefits of the virtual internships for the students. But, as it is said, the grass is always greener on the other side – Virtual internships, have certain aspects which may not be favourable for a student. Below mentioned are certain disadvantages associated with Virtual Internships:


  • Lack of networking opportunities: The students undergoing virtual internships do not get an opportunity to work with their co-workers. The networking skills are not enhanced and they do not learn to understand and nurture their relationship with a co-worker.
  • Deadline Driven: The virtual internship is deadline driven wherein, a student is supposed to submit the essentials at a designated time. The students here are expected to stay motivated and ensure that there are no distractions which hinder them in their work. Staying motivated is considered as an extremely tough task due to the student being engaged in studies as well as college activities.
  • Unable to learn Office Etiquette: With a virtual internship, a student is unable to learn office etiquettes. Students are sometimes unable to understand an organisations work culture via a virtual internship.
  • Increase in Competition: There has been an increase in competition to get a virtual internship, which has made it difficult for students to get an internship in top companies.

Even though virtual internships have some drawbacks, they can benefit the student immensely if undertaken with sincerity. Students can learn about various job profiles in multiple industries. With digitalisation, when every industry is being driven by a company’s online presence, virtual internships have become very popular especially for students undergoing journalism and mass media courses.


Students pursuing media courses prefer doing a virtual internship during their course. The media industry in India is witnessing a boom and that there is an increase in the job opportunities for the aspirants. The students are seeking admittance in the top mass communication colleges in India after 12th to commence their studies and kick-start their dream career.


IMS, Noida, has been a preferred choice for Journalism courses after 12th in Delhi NCR. The institute delivers quality education and focuses on every student’s professional development. It is also a host to the prominent recruiters of the industry and offers students a chance of getting exciting internships which can lead to excellent placements. The institute’s mass media courses after 12th are a popular choice among aspirants. By doing a virtual internship with industry leaders students can attain the relevant experience which can help them in getting their dream job!


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