Significance of NAAC gradation of an institution

20 January 2018
Comments Comments Off on Significance of NAAC gradation of an institution
20 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Significance of NAAC gradation of an institution

The decision of the right institute for higher education is often a tough one. If the overwhelming choice was not enough difficulty, the abundance of jargons and terminology make it even more complicated. If you have been hunting for an institute for higher education, you would have most definitely been confused as well. By now you know what accreditations and affiliations to look for but are you aware of the significance? What does it mean to enroll for an accredited university? Many such questions linger. Here we tell you the significance of a NAAC gradation for your education and career. First let us understand why it is important to be accredited:


Importance of NAAC accreditation:

Education impacts the development of a nation directly and it is hence important to maintain the quality of education based on some preset standards. The access to material and relevance of content also plays a major role in determining the quality of education. The NAAC has been established with the objective of facilitating the institutions with an assessment scale that allows analysis with respect to existing parameters. This analysis makes space for a lot of introspection and participation and hence allows them to make relevant improvements based on standards.


Broad benefits of the NAAC accreditation:

  • The NAAC accreditation enables the institutions to identify their positives and negatives with an informed SWOT analysis and a comprehensive review process.
  • It helps in identifying scope and domains of planning and resource management.
  • Institution resources and infrastructure can be strengthened by performance based funding. The agencies that offer funding go by objective data that is indicated by NAAC accreditation.
  • It makes it mandatory for institutions to imbibe newer methods and apply innovation in processes.
  • It offers direction to institutions in terms of performance guidelines that they aim to strive towards.
  • Offers an identification to the institution as one adhering to quality standards.
  • Puts the institution under spotlight to the companies for recruitment drives
  • Enables interactions within institute and with other institutes


Criteria based assessment for accreditation:


The NAAC conducts the assessment based on the following criteria:

  • Analysis of curriculum of instruction and measuring how comprehensive it is to convey the course content.
  • Mode of teaching, learning and evaluation
  • Quality of research and innovations employed to maintain the educational standards
  • Quality of infrastructure and resources available for candidates to learn, practice and grow.
  • Candidate support and growth efforts
  • Management and leadership at all levels and quality of execution
  • Core values and best practices of the institute


The best feature that ensures reliability of the institutions and the accreditation status is that the review of a certain status is also a comprehensive and reliable process. Institutions seeking improvement in grade or status need to apply for reassessment between 1-3 years post assessment.


While the process is same as that for accreditation, the institution is required to abide by a few standards and recommendations based on first report. This ensures zero scope for foul play and maintains transparency. Hence, if an institute is NAAC accredited, you can stay assured that the promised standards are being followed for real.


Detailed benefits of NAAC accreditation for institutions:

Accreditation enables an institution based on standards of international market and sets it apart from other institutions in the competitive space. The set of criteria are pre-established by the national Board of accreditation and are quite competent in leveling up the features of the institution. These characteristics enable on time funding and also help enhance the quality of education delivered as a part of the course. It makes great space for future growth of the institute. The level achieved distinguishes the institute in question from the other institutes in the similar space. This way the recognition of the name is better and it is naturally chosen more over the other competitors.


Benefits of NAAC accreditation for students:

  • The education received in an accredited institute is of high quality on the academic scale and employs methods that are professionally relevant.
  • The activities, process and other program elements ensure that the candidate is prepared for the corporate world.
  • It gives a global perspective to education and ensures global limelight after the course ends.


Benefits of NAAC accreditation for employers:

  • A degree certificate from a NAAC accredited institution is testimonial that the student is well versed with the industry standards. The competence that the candidate possesses is at par with accepted technical standards. It is thus helpful for the employers to gain resources that meet a certain standard of competence.
  • It helps setting apart the right talents from the other husk abundant in the mushrooming institutions.


Makes way to achieve international accreditations:

An accreditation indicates that the processes followed in the organization are aligned with the advertised mission statement and projected vision. The prerequisites for international accreditations are pre-included in the accreditation process. This allows an easy pathway to an International accreditation.


The quality of education has considerably gone down with commercialization and rat race in the field. It is therefore very important for all parties involved to adhere by specific standards. This ensures that the quality of education is not compromised in lieu of the frills of the marketing side. A NAAC accreditation is hence very important to all parties involved including institution, employers, students, parents and nation on the whole.


If you are still looking for an ideal institute, remember that a NAAC accreditation means that the ground analysis has already been done and you need not do an in-depth study of separate factors in order to determine which institution is better.

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