The Rising Scope of Journalism and Mass Communication in India

29 December 2017
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29 December 2017, Comments Comments Off on The Rising Scope of Journalism and Mass Communication in India

Article 19 of the Indian constitution bestows to every legit citizen of the country the fundamental right to voice out one’s own views and publicly express one’s individualistic thoughts. The nation’s apex-level judiciary body, Supreme Court, further empowers each Indian, living within the national boundaries, to use the print and audio-visual mediums to exercise this right.


Such an amenity provided by the very government fortifies the base of newspapers and Radio and T.V channels as the agents of social and economic protests, changes, and advancement in the country. Indeed, right from fighting against the British rule by the weapon of pen and radio broadcast to upholding the totality of the modern day “industrialization”, periodicals and the audio-visual modes have enacted as the most vital resource to both alert and acknowledge the general public.


For the 1.32+ billion population of the nation, till date newspapers form the most preferred medium to learn about the present as well as upcoming governmental projects and strategies and also to stay informed about both the national and international happenings. To remain socially and politically conscious, people generally resort to viewing important events or knowing about the new products and services available at the market through telecast and broadcast, right from yesteryears till date, which not only help keep them informed but also add a sense of convenience and comfort to their lives.


All such aspects already establish the prospective opportunities for a young Indian to construct an opulent career as a newspaper, T.V, or a Radio professional. And in the latest times, two more factors have led to the increase of opportunities in these fields. One is the essential corporate funding, which has led to the launch of fresh tabloids, opening up of new television and radio channels on a much expansive scale, and amplification in the dimensions of the existing ones. This multiplication and base expansion (from local to national and from national to international) has factually almost tripled up the job openings for students of journalism and mass communication in the land. The second factor that is complementing the rise of opportunities in the domain of journalism and mass communication is the contemporary habit of the country’s populace to witness national and worldwide occurrences through the mechanism of “live streaming”.


The emergence of digital media and its consequent prevalence in daily life has rightfully stimulated all the existing newspapers, television networks, and radio stations to add a virtual dimension to their operative way. Such a move has led to the appearance of a digital version of all reputed news bulletins, introduction of T.V channels’ apps, and the online presence of the radio commentators at various cyber social media platforms. It will not be an exaggeration of facts to claim that after administrative and management fields, journalism and mass communication are the two most thriving-with-options job genres for an Indian aspirant willing to earn both name and fame as a mass media professional.


However, just like any other profession, excelling in the media domain as an esteemed news reporter or channel anchor or a radio commentator too necessitates flawless academic and practical grooming. And this is where the acclaimed institution, IMS Noida, emerges as the ultimate destination for all the aspiring-to-be journalists and mass communication professionals. With a leading edge curriculum and best-in-industry faculty, in comparison to all the other prevalent journalism schools across the country, this organization rightfully occupies a rank in the list of Top 10 Journalism Institutes in India (as surveyed by Outlook Magazine –2014-2015). What remains particularly distinctive about the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) at IMS, Noida is the continual stress that the institute lays over the hands-on experience and grooming of the students. While at the undergraduate level, learners are sent to various reputed chat shows of TV channels to comprehend the actual ambiance, at the post-graduate study program, they are given both news coverage and editorial assignments related to socio-political occurrences around Delhi NCR. Students pursuing the master’s degree course from SJMC, IMS Noida also get the opportunity to attain seminars where celebrated journalists and triumphant media professionals share their work experiences and enlighten students about the tactics of “ground zero” reporting and strategies to get the best of outputs while interviewing famous personalities. IMS pays complete heed to the factor that both the BJMC and MJMC level study programs are regularly shuffled and made up-to-date to enable the students to maintain pace with the current operational framework of news reporting, radio commentary, and advertisement presentation in the industry.


Given to the present day political and social unrests, the trend of doomed incidents and accidents obscuring the national texture is most prevalent. This has given rise to the need for skilled investigative journalists in the industry, who can uphold the truth in front of common people and encourage the national voice to be raised against any improper happening. Sensing this essence, SJMC has introduced the distinctive course of “Specialized Journalism and Forensic Science” at the post-graduate level and thereby beckons the bright minds to get perfectly streamlined for conducting the best of investigative journalism.


SJMC at IMS Noida always strives to equip its students with all the essentials required to enable their transformation into highly efficient and successful media professionals and thus backs their learning with the best of facilities needed to nurture their growth. Besides the state-of-the-art infrastructure, robust industry-driven curriculum, and accomplished faculty, SJMC has set up well-furnished laboratories including a print media lab, electronic media lab, photography lab, editing room, and a presentation lab. With all these facilities and features, SJMC stands as an extremely strong platform when it comes to producing highly skilled candidates to take up the key challenging roles in the media industry in the times to come. No wonder, IMS Noida is recognized as the top journalism and mass communication college in India!

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