Mass Communication: Is it the Right Choice in the 21st Century?

17 June 2018
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17 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on Mass Communication: Is it the Right Choice in the 21st Century?

While people still preach about the importance of engineering or a management degree and its job prospects, the 21st century is seeing new and exciting degrees like mass communication come to the forefront. If you have found your passion here and are considering joining one of the top mass communication courses after 12th, you could not have made a better choice.


The current century is the time of opportunities and the intense competition among brands is constantly opening up new doors. Add to that the prospects that the digital space offers and mass communication has suddenly become of the most exciting fields. New businesses are cropping up every day, which brings in the need to reach out to more people and hence the jobs for mass communication graduates is ever growing.


Traditional Job Opportunities

Even in the 21st century, there are few jobs that a mass communication graduate could always bag. In fact, these are currently seeing high demands due to the changing times and the right person should never worry about job saturation.


  • Journalism – Either print or media

Count the number of new media houses that have come up lately, combine that with the existing big ones and you shall have the picture about the growing demand of journalists in the current times. You can either join a job in this field after any of the journalism courses after 12th, but top media houses also prefer mass communication students from top institutes like IMS Noida. The skill that you learn about reaching out to people will be the only thing that you will need. You can choose to become a field reporter, an editor, news anchor, and so on.


  • Advertising

Another field that can never die is advertising. Brands have to advertise their products to generate revenue and the current competition is giving this area the necessary boost. Plus, there is this need to suit the advertising to the needs of the audience and brands are constantly looking for fresh and creative minds. In mass communication, you will learn how to formulate an advertising strategy, decide on a medium on where to display it and even the timing and duration of the advertisement – all the skills that brands look for.


  • Event Planner/Manager

This is the job where you get to meet with the celebrities or organise an event. Big corporations either have their in-house team or outsource the work to event management firms to organise their product launch or any other occasion. Again, the current times is seeing almost all brands take up every opportunity to make any event big and as an event planner, you will always have work. The paycheck is equivalent to the budget of the event and there is simply no end to the prospects in this field.


Upcoming Job Opportunities

Unlike any other fields, mass communication has new job prospects coming up that will have massive growth rates in the next few years and the demand is already high. Your start may be slow currently as compared to the traditional jobs but your career will soon take off if you join in the following fields.


  • Digital Marketing

A broad term that brings almost all type of marketing jobs in the digital space inside its umbrella is Digital Marketing. Businesses are investing a major share of their marketing budget on the internet as they agree that 10% of their regular customers come from this space. Most brands are moving towards building an in-house team while many independent agencies are also coming up to cater to the needs. You can easily land a job in any such firms as the demand is fairly high but the number of skilled professionals is still low.


  • PR Managers

Another by-product of the internet age. While the concept of PR is nothing new, the online world has just increased its popularity. It is easier to reach a greater customer base via social media or online advertisements and the current market is viewing a growing demand for PR professionals. A job almost awaits you after you finish your degree from one of the top mass media courses after 12th, either in a big firm or in a dedicated agency.


  • Content/Copywriters

Be it for advertising or website, the demand for content writers have grown only recently. A brand’s digital success depends on the content it posts in the online world and they go to considerable extents to get quality work. You do not need any additional training after your degree to become a copywriter and can secure a job in almost any niche. Again, this job profile shows a healthy growth rate and should continue to do so at least for the next decade.


Mass communication is the right choice

And there is absolutely no doubt. The field is versatile and has no dearth of opportunities. So, select the best institute, hone your skills and launch your career!

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