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31 July 2018
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31 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on How to Manage Difficult Personalities at Work? – Management

The moment you will step into your professional life, you will automatically transform from a student to a multi-tasking professional, balancing several kinds of people at one go. While on one hand, you will be managing your colleagues, on the other, there will be clients whom you will have to keep convinced and satisfied with your professional skills. But in the workplace, most of the troubles come from those co-workers who can never think straight and are experts in making a mountain out of a mole. These difficult persons are responsible for many misunderstandings and professional hazards. One needs to be very diplomatic while managing these personas. So, before we move onto understanding how to handle such difficult personalities at work, let us first have a look at the different kind of people you may encounter in your professional life ahead.


Types of Difficult Personalities at Work

These problematic people at the workplace can be broadly classified under the following heads:

  • The Gossip Lovers: By the term ‘gossip’, it does not mean that these people merely talk about others. They are always experts at criticizing others and talking behind people’s back.


  • Blamers: Blamers are one of the most common types of personalities found in
    profound numbers in all the organizations. They never take the responsibility for any mistakes done by them and are busy pointing fingers towards others. It is a very rare case when you will find them acknowledging their own errors, poor performance, or bad decisions.


  • The Control Maniac: In your workplace, you will come across some people who will
    never feel satisfied with what others put forward. Rather, they expect things to be done in their own way. In process of getting the outcome they desire in a certain way, they tend to control the whole work scenario.


  • Paranoids: They are more like the gossip lovers, just the difference being that
    the paranoids do not keep on talking about other’s faults but they are more likely to be suspicious about others’ motives and they never trust anybody at the workplace.



  • The Passive-Aggressive Type: These people are quite difficult to identify because
    they suppress their feelings deep inside their heart. Apparently, they look very calm and composed and pretend that everything around is fine but they are actually very upset.


  • The Aloof One: In every office, there would be a few persons who prefer staying
    isolated from the rest of the group. Although they are not harmful in the proper sense of the term, they often hide in their cubicle, putting headphones on, and trying to avoid either other people or avoid taking responsibilities.


How to Manage Difficult Persons at the Workplace?

In a workplace, it is neither possible nor desirable to avoid people just because they are creating difficulties. This would harm the work decorum. One needs to have a lot of patience to bear on with these people and maintain a healthy work environment. However, there are certain ways that can be followed in order to deal with the aforementioned kinds of difficult personalities in the workplace:

  • Evaluating a difficult situation with a co-worker at the workplace can help you to avoid any sort of unpleasant actions. It is always better to apprehend things beforehand.


  • One needs to have proper knowledge about the nature of the person he or she is dealing
    with. While there are some workers who create difficulties to merely seek attention, on the other hand, there are others who do it for professional gains. Differentiating among these personalities can make situations manageable.


  • Once you identify the person you know you need to avoid, try and evade making any close
    friendships with them as it may later create complications in your professional life. It is better to carry on things in a diplomatic way so as to not intensify the difficulties.


  • Colleagues are friends but it is better not to discuss your personal life with any of
    your colleagues as it does nothing other than aggravating the problems. A small and wise decision on your part can help to keep things under control.

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