Job Opportunities for BCA Graduates: The Current Scenario

17 June 2018
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17 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on Job Opportunities for BCA Graduates: The Current Scenario

Gone are the days when BCA graduates only found jobs in the IT industry. However, that story is in the past with the rise of digitisation and every record being maintained on computers. A bachelor of computer applications has more job opportunities in the current age and the need for such professionals will only grow with time. Every sector needs to employ a BCA graduate and there’s substantial reason to join one of the best BCA colleges in Noida or anywhere else in India.


In the early 2000s, the demand for BCA graduates was sky-rocketing as more and more IT companies were opening its doors in the country. It soon became the most sought-after degree and the number of professionals increased exponentially. With engineering coming into the fray, the demand of BCAs did see a drop; however, the job opportunities still remained plentiful. Currently, nearly every industry is doing away with their traditional approach of going about business and every aspect is being computerised. This is creating some fresh demands for BCAs.


Why are firms hiring BCA graduates?

Take any company from any niche and all of them need tech support. It is not financially viable to employ someone with a higher degree to look after their database software or fix a technical glitch in their central server. BCA graduates are well adept to take care of a company’s digital needs and can serve every computer-related purpose.


Who all hire BCA graduates?

Even now, the IT industry is the major recruiter of BCA graduates. The major job role involves testing and reporting which gets upgraded to developing with experience. Such firms also employ BCAs for data keeping, maintaining records, IT support, and others. If you complete your degree from the top BCA College in Greater Noida like IMS you can easily land an entry-level job at one of the top IT firms.


You may also secure jobs in other industries like:

  • Hospital and Pharmacy
  • The Educational Sector
  • Public Sector like power and manufacturing
  • The hotel and food industry
  • The Aviation sector


And so on. Even banking and other financial institutions employ BCA graduates to maintain their databases and make sure that their servers keep running.


What does the salary prospects look like?

At the entry level at any of the IT firms, you can currently expect a minimum monthly salary of Rs. 15,000 per month. At other sectors, it may go up to almost Rs. 18,000 depending on the niche you join. Public sectors pay even more but the recruitment process is generally tedious and time-consuming.


With time, there are healthy prospects of promotion and the salary may go up to Rs. 25,000 within a couple of years. As you gather experience, you can improve your job profile to a developer or project lead which may see your pay scale reach Rs. 40,000. If you combine it with masters later, either in your same field or management, you can rise even higher. The growth opportunities are limitless.


How to land a job as a BCA graduate?

The top institutes like IMS Noida get offers from companies to carry out campus recruitments. You can easily land a job in one of the big firms like TCS, Infosys, IBM and others without having to go through the whole process of job search. The IT industry generally conducts mass recruitment and you can almost be sure to secure a job while pursuing your degree from one of these colleges.


Apart from these, companies (both public and private sector) carry out off-campus recruitments through competitive exams to fill their posts. There are also job portals which are tied up with recruiting firms who carry out the tests for them. In short, the current age has made landing a job for a BCA graduate much easier than it was a decade back. There’s demand and you only have to follow the right channel.


Can you switch sectors?

The current age even makes that possible. You may always shift to management by pursuing PGDM and look for better job prospects. A manager with technical knowledge is always preferred by companies. You may also choose to work in the upcoming digital marketing sector where your BCA degree will give you the necessary technical boost and you can land a job with almost any agency.


You may also apply for higher studies in other sectors and currently, you also have the opportunity to upgrade your degree to engineering through some integrated course. Banks hire clerks and officers and BCA graduates are perfectly eligible for the posts. You may also choose to work in Railways or insurance which are healthy shifts from your core degree.


Join the best institute

As this will be your first step. Do your research, make a list of BCA colleges in Noida and pursue this degree with a bright future. There are plenty of opportunities and you can have a rewarding career post the completion of your degree!

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