Future of Journalism in the Digital World

14 January 2018
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14 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Future of Journalism in the Digital World

The ever-evolving Digital World has already embraced us tight. And we often hear around us that “Print/TV media is dying a fast death.” But while it is obvious that digital revolution has changed the journalism world for better, we cannot ignore the importance and uniqueness of other forms of Journalism.


But then again comes the question, “Why buy a newspaper with stale news when you can get the minute-old details online? Websites, apps, social media updates, etc. have taken over the journalism world by storm.


And this world is based on only one single aim or principle: Bigger Audience for News. The more the visit on the news portal/website, the more the agency/site/portal/app etc. can charge the advertisers for advertising. This means the readers pay not in money but in attention through their clicks.


This means that field of journalism is expected to develop in the following two ways:


  • Journalists have to double up as PR representatives

Journalists will be required to promote themselves as well as their content online. And this has to be done by not just being active as journalists but as social media persons as well. One has to be social media-conscious when any piece has to be penned or a video has to be made. One has to understand the pulse of the digital audience.


  • Change in Writing Techniques

The style has to be crisper as well as should have some viral element in it (meaning an element that makes it widely shared on social media sites). Here the negative aspect is that the border between journalism and blogging is very blurred; but then blogging is an opinion piece while journalism has to be supported by facts/quotes/figures, etc.


What does it mean for Journalism Students?

It simply means more jobs if you know how to tap the pulse of a digital audience. While there are only limited newspapers, TV channels etc., new websites are coming up every now and then and scaling up the ladder of popularity through good journalism. This straight away means more opportunities for Journalism Students. There is always scope for those who practice good writing and for them there is never looking back.


Journalism Degree is a Must

Yes! Owing to the highly competitive scenario in the current times, a degree in journalism, attained from a reputed educational institute, where you get a proper guidance through theory and practical based learning, serves as the foundation for a bright and flourishing career in the domain.


IMS Noida, one among the top 10 journalism and mass communication institutes in Delhi NCR, stands tall as the most trusted educational institutions in the country to acquire journalism education that is industry-focused and at par with the contemporary media standards. The School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Noida is widely known for disseminating world-class media education and training that serves to groom the students to emerge as highly efficient and successful journalists and media personalities. The institute offers undergraduate and postgraduate programs in journalism and mass communication and aims to prepare the students for the future corporate world by incorporating the latest technologies and trends in its teaching methodologies. The highly accomplished faculty at the institute have been helping the students to gain a profound understanding of the media world by not only aiding them in accomplishing academic excellence but also providing them with the essential practical exposure that caters to bring them in tune with the requirements of the media industry. In short, SJMC at IMS Noida has been consistently contributing in patching up the gap between the demand and availability of adept media experts in the market.

Ever since its inception, the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Noida has been enabling the students to stay geared up for the future. This is why our journalism and mass communication students are always ready to accept the challenges head-on that the industry may pose to them. Each of our journalism students are well equipped to make their mark in the digital world, and this groundwork has been done by the institute by endowing the students with exclusive facilities and opportunities like certificate courses in 3D Animation, Defense Journalism, International Journalism, etc., best of publications, live presentations and lectures, contemporary laboratories, and intensive research programs with reputed media houses, brands, and organizations.

If you have been always aspiring to earn name and fame in the media industry, SJMC at IMS, Noida is the place that can help you grow and bloom in the sector. Join the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS Noida and get set ready to explore new horizons of success in the arena of journalism in the digital world.

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