Fake News vs. Good Journalism

20 January 2018
Comments Comments Off on Fake News vs. Good Journalism
20 January 2018, Comments Comments Off on Fake News vs. Good Journalism

The media is the most potent force of our times. Be it print media or visual media – it is our first source to know everything that is happening in the world. Everything worth knowing, from the remotest corner of the Earth to the magnificent cities, is brought right to our doorsteps by the media. Gone are the days when you had to wait for the morning paper to arrive with all the news of the world. The avenues of receiving current information have opened up with news circulating on the internet and going on in the TV at all hours of the day.


There are both positive and negative sides to this. The positive side is that you get to have the news at just the touch of a button. The negative side is obviously the rising circulation of fake news. Fake news has become a phenomenon and a peril of our age. It has increased so much in the past two to three years that it has become difficult to discern what all the facts are and what are not. This creates undue pressure on the readers, and they no longer know what to believe and what not to.


Journalism is one of the most lucrative career paths for the modern youth. The attraction of journalism as a career option is something that is never going to go away as long as the demand for quality news is there. Only having a flair for writing and a passion to bring the latest of the news to the people is not what makes a good journalist. It is a job that needs a lot of training and commitment. We, at IMS Noida, have dedicated courses to journalism that extend immense opportunities to the budding journalists to ensure that they are not only on the right track but also to make sure that they are trained to be the best in the industry. It is in the courses like these that they learn the tricks and the tactics of the trade.


An important part of the curriculum of the journalism program at IMS Noida is teaching the young minds the difference between real and fake news. It is important as a journalist to learn this, as the propagation of the fake news is generally held as the fault of the journalist but is not always so. An untrained journalist fails to spot the difference between fake and real and that is like a bane to the viewers or readers. So when you are entering a career like that of journalism, it is imperative that you are well trained in all aspects of the arena.


There are several kinds of fake news, and the term is not as simple as it sounds. Those who are experienced in the domain of journalism list four categories of fake news:

  • Reporting of misinformation related to the government by the journalists without verification.
  • News that is plagiarized.
  • Public Relation sections that get posted as real news.
  • News made solely to deliver the advertisement of a certain product, group, or idea.


As a good journalist, you would only want to bring the unadulterated truth to your readers. But there are things that come in the way of bringing the best to the readers. These are things like:

  • Not verifying the news and relying on the secondary sources to deliver on time.
  • Not checking and correcting the mistakes that are present in an article
  • Putting emphasis on conflicting or negative news to create sensation and to stay in the news.
  • Failing to connect with the readers on accounts of dull news coverage.
  • Unethically hounding the privacy of a person or a group to bring forth sensational news.


To be completely honest, it is not always the fault of a journalist. This is a profession that is quite grueling, and you need to be on your toes for getting the latest news. A journalist has to meet the pressure of deadlines. He/she not only has to get the news but make it presentable enough to be in the news. This pressure is something that may lead the journalist to fall short of verifying the news and going for the nearest latest sensation that he/she can.


The digital journalism also suffers from several problems that make it difficult to sustain good journalism. The news outlets today want advertisement money to run the franchise, and in that bid, the quality journalism is lost in some cases. A smart journalist is aware of these issues and tries to stay away from all these as much as possible. A good piece of journalism is honest, to- the- point and crisp. There is no fabrication of facts or figures and no hyperventilating headlines in an authentic piece of news presented by a person dedicated to his/her profession.


The reassuring fact is that good journalism will never be completely lost in spite of all the barrage of fake news. The high ranked journalism institutes like the School of Journalism and Mass Communication (SJMC) of IMS Noida teaches you things like how to get the authentic news in all the paucity of time. The Institute understands that flair for writing and the zeal to succeed is natural. It is the other skills like the demonstration of news, differentiating the real from fake news, and putting your point across in a few words and still making it sound interesting, are among few of the things that students need to be taught and sharpened at.


At SJMC, IMS Noida, students are provided with all the facilities like print media, electronic media lab, and photography lab that you may need to succeed along the path. You learn the tricks of editing and presentation of the news at the high equipped classrooms of the facility. One of the most reassuring facts about the School of Journalism and Mass Communication of IMS Noida is that it has been ranked among the top ten institutes of journalism by a survey of the famous Outlook Magazine. Hence with IMS, you can rest assured that you are being trained by the best, with the best, and to be the best in this competitive world of journalism.

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