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The list of Events that IMS Noida School of Management have decided to conduct this year.


S.No Month Date Activity Objective
1 Aug 6th BBA Finance club Activity -Debate on Financial Reconstruction The objective is to engaze students in an analytical thinkingtowards improving the financial condition of the company’s that are facing crunch.The programme will be based on case study analysis
Aug 19th-21st Industry Interface (Presentations by students on various Companies) Acquainting students with the different Industries prevailing in the Indian Market & their Business and competition etc.There association in domestic and International Market And Association of the Indian economy in the world.
2 19th Sept- Sem 1 Basic Info of companies& Industries 20th sep- National international companies, and associations , CEO’s Products, Product Competitor, Turnover etc. 21st- Sem 5 Presenations on SAARC , BRIC , G_7 SIX sigma Companies . Companies in India etc
3 Aug 27th BBA IB club Activity 1 –QUIZ BBA PD club-“LIFE LEARNING-” Activity-2 Extempore ACTIVITY-1 To enhance the awarenes level of the students in relation to the current affairs impacting Indian Economy . ACTIVITY-2 Check effective communication.Interaction with the students, Clarity of Thought and speech. Improvement in Communication skills
5 Sep 6th BBA (GERMAN) Club Activity-QUIZ INDO -GERMAN-Cross cultural Releations Aquianting Students with the cross cultural releations within the two countries
6 Sep 17th BBA Marketing (BRAND IT)club Activity 1 -Lecture on BRANDING AND IPR BBA PD CLUB- “LIFE LEARNING” – ACTIVITY 2-ROLE PLAYS ACTIVITY1- The Activity entails to provide insight &explore into conjoint areas of marketing &intellectual property rights while dicussing practical corporate cases. ACTIVITY-2 Checking their language & pronuncation skill ,removing hesitation and give them a chance to speak their minds. Helps to build up their creative thinking and conceptualise their visualisation on given topic.
7 Sep 24th BBA HR club(Spin and Skill) Activity 1-PERSONLAITY TEST BBA PD CLUB-“LIFE LEARNING”ACTIVITY 3- A-Z of SOFT SKILLS Activity -2 Objective of this activity is to understand importance of soft skill and its     importance in corporate world.
8 Oct 1st BBA Marketing (BRAND IT) club Activity – BRANDING GAMES Enabling a student to identify, recall, recognise, create, associate various brand concepts to product in their psychies.
9 Oct 14th BBA HAAT A platfom for the student to showcase their talent, ideas and entreprenurship Skills,
10 Oct 15th Activity-1 BBA PD club – LIFE LEARNING- Activity -Flip Over Objective of this activity to create awareness among the students  and checking their sense of humour as well as working on creativity and rational thinking.
Activity-2 BBA Finance club Activity -workshop on Pratical Aspect to TDS &its Implications To acquaint students with a Practical exposure of TDS releated issues and their workings , documentation in the organistion
11 Nov 11th BBA Social Awareness Club Activity- Poster Making To encourage creativity in the the students and to explore one of the social issues through poster making
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