Dead Line Competition organized by IMS Noida School of IT

1 April 2015, Comments Comments Off on Dead Line Competition organized by IMS Noida School of IT

School of IT, IMS NOIDA had conducted a “Dead Line Competition” on Programming for BCA-IInd Semester held on 31st March 2015.

This contest was organized by Mr.Girish Kumar Bansal, Ms. Anita Baghel under the guidance of Dr. Manju Gupta, Dean – IT. The contest was started at 1:45 pm in Computer Lab.

The Contest has been conducted with an intention to enhance the fundamental skills and techniques necessary for programming. The students were excited to participate as they got the platform to assess their knowledge level.

A total of 60 individual participants were present.


The rules to be followed in the Programming Round were-

  1. Each individual will be allowed to use only a single computer and must write and test their programs on that machine
  2. Question will be based on ‘C’ Programming language
  3. There will be around 4 questions
  4. This round will be of 20 minutes, each question of 5 minutes
  5. No use of the internet is allowed

List of Programs-

  1. WAP to find the factorial number and must be greater than 5
  2. WAP to display the table in the following structure-

T.No. * I = Result

Where,  T.No. is for Table No.

I is for Looping No.

  1. WAP to check whether the number is Prime or not
  2. WAP to display 2*2 matrix

At the end of the competition, Winners were declared-

  1. Atul Kumar Mishra
  2. Minal
  3. Abhiskek Kumar Vshwakarma
  4. Mahak Singh
  5. Sahil Goel
  6. Siddharth Sukla

The winners were awarded with prizes in order to encourage them to participate in many such events coming up in future. Students of BCA were highly motivated and are now ready to participate for upcoming events.

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