How College Events can help Shape your Career

4 June 2018
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4 June 2018, Comments Comments Off on How College Events can help Shape your Career

College events are more than about just entertainment. It’s a day where you can meet new people, create career opportunities and test your skills. There are potential employers or people with contacts with whom you can interact and successfully present your case. Events are great places to give your career a head start and weigh your options before landing in the actual corporate world.


There can either be cultural or technical events. Top colleges organise alumni meet where you get to know your seniors. Even workshops and seminars offer potential opportunities to communicate with the experts in your field and establish your candidature. All you have to do is identify how the event can help you, get involved in order to showcase your skill and grab the attention of all the right people. How? Here’s how.


Help organise the Event

The best colleges like IMS Noida involve their students while organising an event. This way, you can learn about event management, leadership skills, sales tactics, methods of pitching an idea to the client, and so on. In reality, most employers value college event organisation as potential experience and you can use this during an interview.


So, find out about the annual events that your college hosts and look for an opportunity to be a part of it. For instance, if you are pursuing any of the mass communication courses after 12th standard, you can request to be a member of the marketing team or go out to bring in sponsors for the event. Every brand you approach in the process can be a potential employer. During the meet, you can show your skills of communicating and convincing and if you can somehow catch their eye, you will land a job even before you get your degree.


And if the event goes well, the brands that come to your college are bound to notice your managerial skills. They can see how you supervised your team and ensured a smooth event. They will want such a person in their company. It’s like you are giving them a first-hand presentation of your skills and not just speaking about it in an interview.


Announce yourself in an Alumni Meet

Alumni meets are the places where you can meet your seniors from all spheres of life. They are ready to interact and will help you out in every possible way. You can get insights into a particular job profile, learn about a company or even land a referral. Design your approach in your required manner and communicate with your seniors with a purpose.


If possible, find out more about the person who you really want to talk to. His/her social media handles or LinkedIn profiles are good options. Avoid jumping directly to the part where you want the referral. Strike a conversation about a personal interest, the difference in their college life and yours or ask them about their experience in the real world.


If you have joined any of the mass media courses after 12th, talk about how they landed the job they are in now, its growth prospects and what can you do to have the same success story. Then present your skills, why you think you are meant for a mass media job and what are your strengths. Even if the person does not have anything to offer you at the time, he/she will remember you when something comes up if you can sound convincing.


Put your skills to test

Any of the college events can help you with this. If there is a seminar where an eminent speaker is scheduled to speak, volunteer to host or cover the event. As a student of the top journalism courses after 12th, you can write a report about the event in a college magazine or on its website. It will give you an idea about the real-world experience and you can work on your skills accordingly.


Similarly, you can interview the speaker present at the event and later humbly approach the person for a feedback. Most people are happy to help young minds and remember the gesture. And if you can buy more time from the person, try helping him/her with something or present an idea that you might be having. It’s possible that you won’t get anything in return, but you will be able to test your communication skills when high stakes are involved.


Use every opportunity

Every college event will present a different opportunity and it’s up to you how you utilise it. Network with the right people and give them a reason to remember you. Do not stop at the event alone. Follow up with the person you met, send an email stating how pleasing it was to converse the other day or share something that you both have a common interest in. College events do help you to shape your career. Prepare yourself every time and never miss out.


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