Best Jobs for Journalism and Mass Communication Graduates

4 March 2018
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4 March 2018, Comments Comments Off on Best Jobs for Journalism and Mass Communication Graduates

Two of the most popular and renowned fields of education among the youngsters of today are Mass Communication and Journalism. The fact that makes these two branches popular is the freedom of expression, the exposure that one gets, and the way of showing creativity that these fields permit. If you are someone who is expressive with words and love to know all the things about everything, then these two fields are bound to attract you.


The fields of journalism and mass communication have been here for decades, though there was a point in time when the reach of both of these fields was very limited. In the pre-1990s, the stress was mostly on print media. People could only know about any incident, big or small, the next day when it came out in the papers. But thanks to the current rate of technological advancement, the emphasis of journalism and mass communication is on the rise. People demand to know the latest news the second it happened.


In such a scenario, it is important to bring forward graduates who know what they are doing and are a deft hand at their job. We, at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS, Noida are committed to bringing forth the brightest batch of mass communication and journalism graduates in the country every year. Our students are not just creative with their words but know how to showcase their creativity in the right manner to garner the audience’s interest and satiate their thirst for information. The careful crafting of the students by our mentors is what makes them future ready. The jobs are galore in this field and it only needs a well-trained professional to grab the opportunities. Here is a list of the top jobs that the students of Journalism and Mass Communication can avail in the current times.


Journalism- This is the job that caters to the very core of the subject and hence, is highly sought after by the students. A person can be an independent freelancer journalist or someone working for a particular press. If collecting the news and telling it as it is lies among your choices, then this is your line of work. We understand how lucrative the jobs in the domain of journalism are for students and help to prepare the students accordingly. We have eminent news personalities coming at our campus to discuss the various facets of the job with the students. Our mentors are dedicated to shaping up their skills of speaking and writing.


Filmmaking- Filmmaking is a long process consisting of several steps like conceptualization, production, recording, and editing. However, all these steps lead to making it one of the most fulfilling jobs that one can wish for. We cover all of the steps in the film studies section of our course with the added advantage of audio/video studio. The students are encouraged to question and the mentors are ever ready to quench their thirst for knowledge. After all, whether they turn out to be documentary filmmakers or mainstream film directors, this knowledge will take them a long way in their chosen career path.


Radio and video jockeying- These are two of the very lucrative and sought-after job domains that are increasingly getting prominence among the students these days. If you are someone who is super-expressive and loves to play around with your voice and words, then this is your line of work. One of the major requirements of this field is that the individual is well-groomed enough to crack the auditions. The auditions for these jobs are a test of the skill set that the student has gathered and also the grooming that he or she has undergone. You can leave it up to our institute to make sure that you are ready in every aspect to ace the auditions and interviews. Our community radio station at IMS, Noida has been the stepping stone for many successful alumni.


Advertising- Jobs in advertising involve selling and promoting products or services through visual or/and audio form of marketing. A career in advertising consists of two broad genres. The first is the creative side that involves copywriters, scriptwriters, and visualizers. The second side consists of the executive part that deals with client servicing and market research departments. You will see that throughout your course of bachelors and master’s degree in journalism and mass communication in our institute, you will learn all the technical facets of the job, in not just the classrooms but also through the world-class print and electronic media labs.


Public Relations- Every national and multinational company of our times has the presence of a well-qualified PR officer who is like a link passing on the information from the organization to the employees. As the number of private organizations increases in the country so does the demand for expert PR officers. An important part of the job is to convey the message well enough to get the job done. The discussions at our presentation lab at IMS, Noida and the experienced direction provided by our esteemed faculty will make sure that you are turned out to be exactly what the job demands.


We, at the School of Journalism and Mass Communication at IMS, Noida, very well understand that every student who joins us comes with a voice of his/her own and this individualistic voice is what this particular domain needs. Our work is to just hone the voice to ensure it has more gravitas. The sharp grooming and preparation provided to the students at IMS, Noida has what made is consistently rank among the top ten journalism and mass communication institutes in the country. The high success rate of our alumni speaks for the quality of education imparted at IMS and we feel really proud of the achievements that our students have earned in their professional lives.

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