5 Tips to Ace the Group Discussion Round during your Next Placement Process

28 May 2018
Comments Comments Off on 5 Tips to Ace the Group Discussion Round during your Next Placement Process
28 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on 5 Tips to Ace the Group Discussion Round during your Next Placement Process

Group discussions are meant to judge your skills of communication, ability to handle pressure situations and how well do you gel in a team. It goes without saying that you must possess knowledge on a wide variety of topics before stepping into a GD, but it is always much more than how much you know. Recruiters look at your conduct throughout the process and you can still make the cut even by speaking the least. They want the best in the group and verbal superiority is not always the deciding factor.


So, to help you ace your next group discussion session, here are five tips that can help you. Combine these with your communication skills and you are sure to catch the eye of the judge. Here are some simple, yet effective guidelines!


  1. If you are starting, make the best introduction ever

There’s a reason why people put so much thought into their opening statements. It’s your chance to capture your audience’s attention and almost compel them to listen. You can show your confidence, grip on the topic, and also your command over the whole situation. Begin with a few stats or consider giving an example. Even hypothetical situations with a touch of humour can work wonders.

Top journalism courses after 12th actually teach you how to make the best introductions. Start with the best piece of information you had on the topic and then go on to state your weaker points. This way, you do impress your audience. It can help you stand apart from the rest of the crowd in front of the recruiter.


  1. It’s a Discussion, not a Debate

If the topic is sensitive, it is quite easy to lose your way. Turning a GD into a debate is the last thing you will ever want to do. However, if others did it already, take up the responsibility of dousing the fire. Everyone is entitled to their opinion in a discussion and you must respect that. This shows that you are team player and firms prefer that.

Someone will always say something that might appear out of the line to you. An insensitive comment or a statement you don’t believe in. Tackle it professionally and counteract it with hard facts. If you see that it is turning into a debate, simply state that you respect their opinion and end the matter.


  1. Give others a fair chance to speak

If you see someone trying to speak for a long time but not getting the opportunity, throws a direct question and invites him/her into the discussion. Keep your own opinions short and simple to provide others with a fair chance. GDs are never about a single person and you must always keep that in mind.

Such small actions on your part will present you as the fair leader. Recruiters will see you as a person who understands the situation and knows his/her role. The best mass media courses after 12th and other similar top courses have mock GD sessions where you can pick up such tricks and work on them. Valuing every member of the team is your way to outshine.


  1. Be a good listener and show your focus

Really listen to what others are saying during the discussion and try to pick up points from their facts. If you continue the discussion from where someone else has ended, recruiters see you as attentive and focused. Keep the flow of the discussion going and avoid stating random facts out of nowhere.

And maintain eye contact with everyone in the group. This means that you are paying equal respect to all and placing everyone on the same ground. This reflects a positive personality on your side and recruiters love such a person in their firm. Keep nodding when others are speaking and an occasional “yes” also shows that you are paying attention.


  1. Be assertive and avoid swaying with the group

There can be instances where you can find yourself singled out on a topic. The majority may believe in something you do not approve of and you may find yourself with a lack of facts to support your claim. In such instances, be yourself and avoid the temptation to agree with the majority. If you believe in something, state it outright.


Recruiters are looking for the best and a person who follows the crowd is definitely not the right person. Then again, never force the issue to be the odd one out. Stick to what you trust in, even if everyone else is saying the same thing. Be assertive in what you are stating and let the group know your stand.


The top mass communication colleges in India after 12th like IMS Noida prepare you for group discussions. You learn how to handle the situation and make impromptu decisions. GDs are a crucial aspect of any placement procedure now and you must sharpen your skills to ace one. Use the tips here to stand out from the crowd. This way, you will never falter at a GD again, and ace the interview process!



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