5 Essentials you must take care of to Ace your Skype Interviews

15 May 2018
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15 May 2018, Comments Comments Off on 5 Essentials you must take care of to Ace your Skype Interviews

Companies and recruiters are always on the lookout to save time and resources, and Skype provides them with the perfect medium. You may feel inhibited towards a Skype interview or sit in front of a camera, but if a recruiter sets up one, you will have to oblige. Hiring officials see the video or telephonic interviews as ways to filter out the deserving candidates faster from the hundreds of applications they receive, and you will never make the cut if you show your inefficiency in sitting through one. If you treat a Skype interview as a standard one, things will just be fine.


However, no one can deny the fact that Skype interviews are different at many levels. There is a computer screen between you and the recruiter, and this almost demands that you take care of a few essentials. To make you an expert and ensure that you ace every one that’s coming your way, here are 5 pointers for you to follow. Take note and prepare well.


  1. Get the technicalities right

Not only will you require a fast computer, you must have a proper webcam and good headphones. A computer with a decent RAM is a must for your Skype to function properly. This, combined with a fast internet, will allow you to go through the interview without any buffer or interruption.

Avoid using your laptop’s camera. Their resolution is usually not that high and you will want the interviewer to have a clear view of you. Again, a separate headset with a microphone ensures that the background noises are drowned effectively, which otherwise might create distractions to both parties.

  1. Practice speaking in front of a camera

This is important because:

  • Eye-contact happens when you directly look at the camera and not on your computer screen.
  • Your notes should be at the camera level to avoid looking away frequently from the interviewer.

All these do need practice and the top Journalism courses after 12th standard ensure that you get it in the right amount. You are allowed to look down on the screen at times but you can really stand out from others if you can maintain a constant eye-contact with the camera. It is advisable that you keep your notes on the screen, right below the camera so that whenever you are looking down for reference, it seems like you are looking at your recruiter’s face. It is a smart tactic to avoid a fumble.

  1. Take care of the setting

You must be in the proper mental space for an interview and it cannot happen if you are in your jeans underneath the formals. Make sure to:


  • Put on your complete interview attire for the Skype Interview.
  • Keep your computer at the right level, as if the interviewer is sitting just across you.
  • Remove all distractions from your background. A bookshelf or plain wall works fine.
  • Turn off sounds from all notifications on your computer or cell phone.
  • Manage the ambient lighting to avoid glare on your screen or on the camera lens.

These small steps here and there to make the recruiter understand that you have really put in an effort for the scheduled Skype interview can help you go a long way. In mass media courses after 12th, you actually have classes dedicated to preparing you for such occasions and you never fall back on current trends.


  1. Set up mock interviews

This will fine-tune your screen presence. Body language matters in a Skype interview as well and plays a major factor in your selection just like any standard interview. Ask a friend to call you on Skype and take note of the following:


  • The number of times you are looking away from the camera. Really work on reducing this.
  • Your posture, whether you are sitting upright or seeming too restless.
  • If the friend can tell that you are looking away to refer to your notes. Consider changing the position of the notes in such a case.
  • And, of course, if he/she can see and hear you properly. Even the sounds like “hmm” or “yes” which tend to get drowned.

Work on all the glitches beforehand and you will appear as a pro even before the interview ends.


  1. Keep everything handy

For instance, you do not want your interviewer to catch you searching vehemently for a notebook or a pen. Keep these next to your writing hand, beside your computer. Similarly, it is obvious that questions will come up from the resume that you had submitted. Unlike telephonic interviews, you cannot constantly look away to your CV during the Skype call. Memorize the important points that you want to highlight or paste a sticky note on the space beside your webcam’s lens.


And if you can’t keep everything on the tabletop, put them in the nearest drawer and excuse yourself before accessing them. Keep things professional and you will make the right impression.


Do your best to keep things as perfect as possible. Top mass communication colleges in India after 12th standard like IMS Noida prepare you for Skype interviews and various other trends that recruiters follow. The trick is to appear smart and minimize fumbles in every possible way. Be prepared and you will ace that interview!


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