4 Things You Must Know About Consumer Laws in India as a New Lawyer

12 July 2018
Comments Comments Off on 4 Things You Must Know About Consumer Laws in India as a New Lawyer
12 July 2018, Comments Comments Off on 4 Things You Must Know About Consumer Laws in India as a New Lawyer

Practicing law as a fresher is more than about what you learned in books. You may have the constitution in your grip and have studied every law ever passed, but the real world is way different than the classrooms and the initial years are testing times for new lawyers. No doubt you will be learning under a veteran, but there are a few skills that only you can pick up. No one can teach you intuition, quick thinking or dealing with pressure. These come when you know the right things and apply them in the right places.

Learning consumer law from the top law colleges in Delhi gives you the right start, but you also must focus on what and how you are learning. Every law college will teach you the rules but only the best ones like IMS Noida will equip you with the required skills. Here is a list of the top 4 things that you must learn while studying consumer law that will surely help you during your entire career. Take out your journals and start taking notes.


  1. Know the history of your field thoroughly

Referring to previous examples of cases or bringing out the history of consumer law can help a case to a great extent. Previous judgements or rulings can give your cause better grounds and solidify the statement you are making. So, while you are getting through with the laws involved, make it a point to focus on the history part as well.

Consumer law is fairly new in India but you can refer to foreign instances to make your case. The US have solid laws for goods and services and their cases can help you to form new ideas. In short, broaden your focus while you are learning the law and the variety of knowledge is what going to make you a great lawyer.


  1. Go deeper into the six basic consumer laws

Keeping yourself restricted to just the basic consumer rights can limit your thinking process. They do form the core of the subject, but you must dig deeper into them and understand their true meaning. Research what prompted the laws to come into existence, what are the future scopes of improvement and keep yourself updated about the new governing bodies that are in talks to be formed.

The thorough study will help you to find out all the possible loopholes that your opponent might target in court. Covering those areas during your course will help your future career. This is, in fact, what the best law colleges in Delhi or anywhere else teaches you – never to leave out any details while practicing law.


  1. Understand the challenges involved during practice

India is still developing in a lot of aspects, especially when it comes to infrastructure or actually implementing the law. As freshers, the first thing that you will come to understand is that a law might exist, but it may not be necessarily practiced. Plus, there are thousands of cases pending in the consumer court which will take 320 years to get settled and the workforce available is little more than the bare minimum.

You must understand these challenges before stepping in and formulate your strategy accordingly. By the books may not work always and you should be prepared to improvise. For instance, consumer law dictates that the side effects of prescribed drugs should be written on the cover, but companies hardly follow it. Your challenge will come in if a client files a case against this very fact. You will have to figure out how you are to make your case heard among the thousand pending.


  1. Look into the type of courts and their jurisdiction

You cannot file a case in any random consumer court and this is a common mistake that new lawyers can make. Filling a case is often the last step of a complaint. You will have to understand the nature of the complaint, determine the type of violation, decide whether its district, state or national level, formulate a strategy, evaluate associated parameters and then comes filling the case.

If you land up in the wrong court or make the slightest of errors, there remains a high chance of your case being dismissed. This appears as a black patch in the overall complaint and in your professional career. So, when you are going through your course, understanding the steps involved is a vital process. Sometimes, you may have to formulate your own way of dealing with a case and your college is the time when you put it to test. Make the most of your years there and utilise every opportunity on offer.

The best of the law colleges in Delhi and all over India can help you with all these. Take time to select the right institute and start your career in consumer law. Touch every corner, deepen your knowledge and keep improvising.

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